The outlook for international business has fundamentally changed and is evolving day by day. Cross-border transactions have become much more complex. Communication and speed have increased tremendously in the markets. The mobility of people, data and funds have become rather defined by its various stages of restrictions. Online business is seriously disrupting traditional offline physical business channels.

Welcome to doing business globally in 2020-2025.



By now high tech has invaded all sectors of manufacturing. Micro-electronics, automation and robotization are present in all industries. Technologies and innovations have spread internationally by times at breakneck speed or have encountered many barriers. Sound strategies, flexibility and solid business partners are required to scale and develop business internationally.

At Globe & Seas we have set up companies, area sales and channel management, as well as account and project management at technology companies and contractors in Europe and Asia. We have created impactful market and localization studies, business plans, strategies, and investments.


Inter-related trends such as e-commerce, big data, digital media, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) are expected to leading large productivity gains for the economy. Disruptions to existing business and social models, as well as established markets, are affecting the lives of millions of people. In the Digital Age, borderlines had become fluid, transparent, but no longer. Now, digital borders and firewalls, security issues and digital security systems, different regimes of data privacy, protection of national financial and tax issues have all created a new reality with serious impacts in international development for any business.

In the last few years, Globe & Seas advised several companies in China on partner search, on business and financial plans. We also invested in an AI company there. Earlier on we were involved in sales and account management, investment and divestment at an ICT consultancy in Europe.


The cleantech industry has had substantial development in the last two decades with great challenges in the coming decades due to predicted climate changes, pollution levels, further population growth, mass production in agriculture and further population and urbanisation pressures. The business cycle from technology development to go-to-market strategies and execution presents many challenges. Finding the right opportunities and partners is crucial to reach economies of scale.

With Globe & Seas we were involved in business development and partner search in China for a solar tech company and a water treatment company. Earlier we worked in several dredging and marine engineering projects, including offshore windfarms in Europe. We even managed an environmental cleanup project in France.


The life sciences industry is facing serious challenges. Stakeholder collaborations, new digital technologies and therapeutic approaches have had a dramatic impact on drug and device development. Heightened global competition, tougher regulatory standards, outsourcing strategies and continued cost pressures are the driving forces for efficient innovation. The digital transformation of life sciences and increased consumer/patient demands are changing the industry. Tech giants are diversifying into health care, while a new generation of startups is entering the market. With the size of investments in life sciences, scaling the business internationally is imperative.

Globe & Seas was involved in a number of business expansion projects in pharmaceuticals and biotech in China, including partner search, business and financial plan reviews.


The power of creativity has become key for brands to thrive in the global market place. The leading industries impacting Millennials and Gen Z are lifestyles, fashion, sports, digital and tech. Lifestyle and creative industries are experiencing a vivid shift from traditional marketing to digital and niche marketing. Innovation and technology are increasingly driven by creativity, design and new market forces.

Globe & Seas was involved with unique content creation and activation in the areas of art, design and fashion in Europe, U.S. and China. We have dealt with product and brand repositioning strategies and campaigns, with establishing consumer-driven business models, with creating new market place models, with unlocking digital in brand marketing and retail, with delivering high-touch marketing and collaborations.